Stay Refreshed Everywhere

SantoFan™ saw the light of the day for one simple reason: Keeping you cool and refreshed no matter what the temperature is! We designed a Neckless shaped fan to help you keep your coolness without feeling the weight on your shoulder.

Santo Fan™

Neckless Fan Cooler

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✔️ No More Hot Flashes: Combat hot flashes with ease and feel cooled down 

✔️ Free Your Hands: Hand free fan was designed as a neckband to free your hands anywhere.

✔️ 3 Adjustable Speed Level: Low/Medium/High speed level. Adjust appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button.

✔️ Powerful Dual Wind-head: Feel more powerful wind flow with the dual wind-head. They are 360 degrees adjustable to fit the perfect angle.

✔️ USB Rechargeable: Lithium battery built-in fan was powered by USB. When fully charged it can work up to 6-10 hours.


1. High-Quality ABS 

2. Color: White, Black, Green , Pink and Blue

3. Power: Rechargeable FunctionSpecial Function: 360° Rotatable 

Product Includes (Dependent on bundles) :

 1 x Advanced LED Hands-Free Fan 

 1 x USB Charging Cable

Perfect for hot flashes and gives you the comfort of feeling cooled down and leaves both of your hands open, allowing you to do pretty much anything..


It's the perfect companion for people who love to be at outdoor festivals, watching sports, mountaineering, beach trips, and more.


Awesome product ! It is one of those items that you don’t know how much you needed it until you have one . it is powerful and quiet . Definitely recommend !


The fan rests easily on your neck and doesn't feel heavy at all. Has multiple speed settings and is fairly quite also. Blows a good amount of air. Also works well as a mobile desk fan. I use it to blow away soldering fumes on my work station as well. Battery last a long time, and is easy to recharge via USB. Good buy!


These are so great, 5⭐ for whoever created this product. It's so hot at my job in the kitchen and we can't actual fans because of regulations but this is a lifesaver it works great and it last pretty long.


get so many compliments on it and it’s a total life saver on a hot summer day at a festival!


This thing is powerful and really moves some air! I would highly recommend this if your going to be outdoors lounging around. If your going to be moving around it might slide around a big bit it’s a pretty snug fit. It’s rechargeable and also has several light up options. I love this little thing!